Residential Garbage Customers



  •  Residential garbage will be picked up every Thursday. Please have the container at the roadside by 6:00am.

  • The cans must be labeled by the Town of Ragland and garbage must be bagged household garbage only. 

  • The opening of the container will need to face the road or street. 

  • Please have 5 feet of clearance regarding placement of can. 

  • If the street department moves your can to the opposite side of the road, then that is where the can needs to be placed for pick-up

  • Delinquent garbage accounts are subject to interruption in your garbage pick up. 

  • Only one trash container with the Town of Ragland label will be picked up, unless you are paying for a additional can. If you would like to pay for a additional can please contact the office at (205)472-0400