Warrant Process

Warrant Process

If someone has committed a Criminal Offense against you, and you wish to pursue a warrant for their arrest; the offense must have occurred within the police jurisdiction of the Town of Ragland. You must report the crime or violation to the Town of Ragland Police Department. Once you have made the police report, you must then make an appointment to speak to a Magistrate.

During the appointment, the Magistrate will determine if probable cause exists under the law and will prepare a complaint that you must swear or affirm under oath to be the truth. You will be required to complete a written and oral deposition with the Magistrate.

If determination of probable cause is made, a warrant of Arrest will then be issued by the Magistrate. Once an Arrest Warrant has been issued, neither the complainant nor the accused will be able to drop the charges through the Magistrate.

When the accused has been arrested and the case has been scheduled for court, you will be notified by subpoena to appear and testify.

If the accused was arrested on the scene, the Magistrate warrant process is not necessary.

Failure to appear in court may result in a Bench Warrant being issued for your arrest by the presiding judge.

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